I have almost a decade of experience programming and developing web applications. I am an extremely adaptable, driven, self-starting, and talented individual. I enjoy seeking out difficult problems and employing my skills and strengths to institute creative solutions when solving them. I use my available time investigating new technologies and learning to implement them in a variety of different situations. I am also comfortable developing in either Windows or Linux based systems.
Proficient In
Apache, Bootstrap, CSS, Compass, Composer, FuelPHP, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript, JsRender, Markdown, PHP, Regular Expressions, S3, SASS, SQL, Slim Framework, Smarty, Stibo Systems, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Twig, Vagrant, Wiki, XHTML, XML, YAML
Knowledge In
.Net, ASP, AWS, Android SDK, Angular, Backbone, C#, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Node, Python, Ruby, SOAP, Symphony, Trac, Underscore, Yii
Proficient In
Adobe CS/CC (including Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Photoshop), Atom IDE, FileZilla, Freemind, FrogBugz, Git, Git Bash, Git Extensions, Jetbrains (IDEA, PHPStorm, PyCharm), KReporter, Kdiff3, LAMP/WAMP (Linux / Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP), LibreOffice, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Visual Studios, MySQL Workbench, NetBeans IDE, Notepad++, OpenOffice, Oracle VirtualBox, PHPMyAdmin, Postman, PuTTY, SVN, Slack, Sublime Text, Terminator, Trac, Trello, VYM, Visual Logic Pro, WIMP (Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP), WordPress
Knowledge In
Amazon Lumberyard, Android Studio, Bitvise SSH Server, Eclipse IDE, Freeplane, GIMP, IDLE, InkScape, MediaWiki, Microsoft SQL Server, TMux, Unity

These are projects that I've worked on that are available for download

This is a collection of project ideas put together by user "thekarangoel" on GitHub.com, and completed by me. This is a continuing work in progress. This sample folder is completed in C#.
This is a collection of project ideas put together by user "thekarangoel" on GitHub.com, and completed by me. This is a continuing work in progress. This sample folder is completed in PHP.
This is a very simple guessing game created in C#. The object of the game is to guess a random number between 1-100. The GUI changes color to indicate to the user that they are either getting closer or further away from the randomly generated number.
This is a project created following Lynda.com tutorials. I recently revamped the entire project using the Fuelphp framework. The updated project can be found in my Github profile
This is a collection of projects contained within a single .zip archive. While these are not major projects worthy of a single repository, they are still considered significant. I consider this a great way to see where I've come from, and some of the work I've accomplished so far.
I will be adding more projects occasionally as I go along.
The .zip archive includes:


Practice files from Lynda.com tutorials


Tutorial from doctrine-project.org


FuelPHP tutorial from FuelPHP.com


Practice files from PawtucketInc showing how to create a log reading application using the DirectoryIterator class


Laravel tutorial from laravel.com/


Project created when I was learning ImageMagick, Imagick, and how to watermark images


The earliest example of the motivational poster creator


Project created following Lynda.com class


More practice files from Lynda.com tutorials


Project created following Lynda.com class