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Web Sites

< [D]Motivated >


This was the first site I completed and launched. It is based on the premise of demotivational posters, and the layout reflects that. It also features a custom CMS that I built while exploring theories behind OOP and learning primary web based languages.
My favorite part about this site are the dynamic sitemaps, and the motivational poster creator. I designed and implemented both.
I am still very active with this site, and new features are always being added.

< >

This is my second site launched. I have owned the domain for some time, and was unsure of what exactly to do with it. I recently decided that I would like to host an informative blog featuring various tips, tricks and lessons that I have learned. The site has not had a chance to mature very long but more work is still planned for it, including at least one or two weekly blog updates.
I based my decision to use a Wordpress installation because it is an amazing feature rich platform and supports one of the biggest user communities on the net.


< Why So Serious? >

Why So Serious?
This image was created when I was learning to effectively use the pen tool and bezier curves in Adobe Illustrator. It is inspired by Heath Ledger as the Joker from the movie The Dark Knight in the Batman trilogy.


< Abstract Butterfly >

Abstract Butterfly
This image was created after I completed several photoshop tutorials on how to create abstract wallpapers. I used several techniques previously learned to mirror one half of the image and create a symmetrical look to the image. I also used gradients and transparency to add a sense of depth to the image.

< Lonely Landscape >

Lonely Landscape
This image was created while I was going through a fantasy art phase. I had just learned how to create a cloudy atmosphere, and was playing very heavily with various techniques and brushes.